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About Frackle

Frequent Reporting And Communicating Key Life Events

A Community of Contributors

Frackle is social service where contributors can join together in a community where they can share events as they happen. Our name is an initialism that stands for Frequent Reporting And Communicating Key Life Events.

Our Cause

Contributors of Frackle are called Fracklers who creatively volunteer their events in a collaborative effort for the entire world to see. The cause we take up is a live movement toward making events more social while also filtering out much of the noise and profanity that is unnecessarily corrupting the internet. Making all this possible, is our patent-pending filter that may give you a better chance of avoiding a whole mess of legal trouble.

Frackle All Over

People of all cultures, backgrounds and ages can make contributions to the world of Frackle. At our very core, Frackle allows you to join Fracklers in uncovering the world around us.

Frackle On Your Phone

Submitting a frackle is easy: Just type and submit! And once our mobile app is completed, if you can text, you can frackle.