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Sunday, January 20th, 2019 - 4:06 pm

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Jason Frierson Is a Pro-Life Assembly District 8 Candidate

Jason Frierson is an African-American Democrat seeking re-election to Assembly District 8 (AD8) in November 2016. While he is not the incumbent this election, he was the assemblyman for the district during the 77th Nevada State Legislature; in 2013. His opponents are Republican Norm Ross and Democrat-turned-Libertarian John Moore, who is the current person representing the citizens. Planned Parent... Read More »


Republican Legislator John Moore Seeks Re-Election as Libertarian

John Moore has an interesting political background. Currently, he is serving Assembly District 8 (AD8) as a Republican and has changed parties to seek re-election as a Libertarian for the November 8, 2016, legislative election. Moreover, before he was a right-wing politician, he ran for office as Democrat. One could certainly question where this candidate’s allegiances lie. John Moore’... Read More »