‘It: Chapter Two’ a Quick Review


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After a few insane trailers debuting cast members of “It: Chapter Two,” it became clear the horror sequel was not clowning around.

The 2017 “It” is centered on teenage losers; Bill, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Stanley, Eddie, and Ben. They faced bullies, hormones, and a demonic force that preys on their little Maine town every 27 years.

The teens defeat Pennywise and the kids take a blood oath to return to Derry if the killer clown shows up again. It is almost three decades later, and the now-grown losers have to deal with the shape-shifting nemesis and their own deep-seated personal issues.

Andy Muschietti returned to direct and his cast gave a refresher to catch everyone up for the losers’ next adventure.

The first “It” was a coming-of-age movie about childhood, friendships, and the power of sticking together. The sequel, “It: Chapter Two,” deals with the aftermath of the life-altering trauma they experienced. The grown-up losers who moved away from Derry found successful careers in everything from comedy to architecture to risk assessment do not remember what happened. Muschietti says, “That forgetfulness is definitely a metaphor or a symbol of repression. Your brain shuts this off because it needs you to survive.”

Mike stayed in Derry, and consequently, he has not forgotten. He is the librarian in the little town. He calls the otherwise when he realizes Pennywise has returned. Life has taken its toll on Mike because he remembers what happened when the gang first met Pennywise.

The iconic incident that occurred in the first movie and laid the foundation for the Loser’s Club was when Bill’s younger brother falls prey to Pennywise, who uses visions of his dead sibling to haunt Bill.

Back in the say, Ben had a romantic connection to Bev, who shared an important kiss with Bill. Ben wrote Bev a poem, however, she thinks Bill wrote it. This awkward triangle continues in “Chapter Two.”

By Jeanette Smith


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