Negative Ions


Negative Ions

Today in modern times, more than half of society...

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Negative IonsToday in modern times, more than half of society engages in more natural and home-based health methods. Negative ions are a factor when categorizing what’s good for us and whats not. For example, we exercise the pure benefits of vegetables, herbs, and nature’s candy; also known as fruit. Along with other substances that produce negative ions.

What some of us don’t know is that almost everything possesses ions. Others not knowing the effects. Most people aren’t sure how ‘negative’ ions are deemed healthy, whilst positive ions are unhealthy.

Negative ions have a connection with the human body’s, ‘good mood’ chemical, serotonin. Increasing the amount by a biochemical reaction when coming into contact with things we enjoy. For instance, do you dig beaches, parks, and rain?

While positive ions promote a negative effect on the human body, being generated by the use of anything toxic and electronics such as microwaves, cell phones, and other devices. Having the ability to compromise the immune system and suppress brain functions leading to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, and more.

What are negative ions
An ion is an atom or molecule that has a net electric charge. A negative ion is a molecule that has gained more electrons, which are always negatively charged. One or more positive ion being lost makes up the properties for positive ions. Alkaline is measured in high amounts of negative ions, meaning it is more natural. The opposite being acidic, measures in high amounts of positive ions.
Negative ions are also found in the air. Which produces healthy air qualities and can be found in certain areas of forests-land and near bodies of water; like the beach. Also, after thunderstorms, which are related to one’s better mood after, or whilst it rains. As well as being at the beach or near waterfalls.

Benefits of negative ions
Negative ions have been scientifically proven to:

– Neutralize free radicals;
– revitalize cell metabolism;
– enhance immune function;
– purify the blood;
– balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion.

Also, negative ions can be found in some protein sources. With that being said, negative ions can be compared to minerals or other supplements. In addition to them making up the many properties, as well as producing their benefits.

Being a positive composition in healthy air quality, they’re essential!

Other studies have reported that the negative ions emerging from Himalayan Salt Lamps can promote relaxation, and enhance moods, acting as a stress reliever. Furthermore, alleviating cold and flu symptoms. And many more wellness benefits!

How to consume more negative ions
Simple, purchase wellness products such as humidifiers, air purifiers, oil diffusers, and air cleansing mists. Yes, all of these products produce negative ions, so if you already possess one or two, well done! As well as actually consuming them through food and other substances; most commonly in highly alkaline based foods, having the highest levels of negative ions.

Getting out to explore the great outdoors. Enjoy the true beauty of the earth by walking barefoot. The earth’s surface is an electrical flow point, with no way for the energy to escape, leaving the surface full of electrons. Embrace the essence of this natural ion through what modern society calls grounding.

Meditation with crystals, in fact, all-natural crystals (such as clear quartz, tourmaline, etc.), produce negative ions. Therapeutic practices can be engaged in routinely, at home. Absorbing this positive chemical species can act as prevention when coming into contact with viruses and other harmful factors.

This is why personalizing spaces, like your home or office, with trinkets or devices that promote wellness. Candles, diffusers, humidifiers, anything that you think puts you in a good mood could be a source for negative ions.

The infrastructure of today has its downside. With so many negative effects on the human body it pops the question, “do we need more enhanced technology?”

Written by Doneisha Jackson


Guardian LV: What Are Negative Ions and How Do They Promote Health?


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